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Hip To Gable Loft Conversions

A hip to gable loft conversion can be a major undertaking and often entail major alterations to the roof. In this scenario, the gable wall is built up to the ridgeline and a new section of roof is built to fill the gap. As a rule, properties with hip roofs tend not to have enough internal space for a conversion to be practical, so we recommend a hip to gable conversion as the best solution. Our experienced construction operatives are on hand with a wealth of knowledge in creating practical and innovative extension solutions for all applications. Hip to gable loft conversions are a popular option for those in semi-detached houses or for detached houses with roofs that are sloped at the sides as well as the front and back.

Dormer Conversions

Dormer loft conversions are perfect if you have a lower roof line, and often mean you can have a loft conversion even if you previously thought there was not enough head room. Our team works closely with clients to accurately match our services to your exact requirements. In this instance, the attic is converted by creating a rectangular room that projects further than the existing roofline, affording you more useable floor space, without the usual sloped ceiling. These conversions can be built in a wide variety of styles and sizes and although they are not always the most attractive form of conversions from the outside, they can often provide customers with the maximum amount of additional internal space.

L-Shaped Loft Conversions

An L-shaped dormer loft conversion is where two dormer builds are connected together with one dormer built on the main roof and the other on the rear roof, creating the distinctive L-shape. These conversions are usually only suitable for Victorian and Edwardian properties where there is a back addition at the rear to house the kitchen and bathroom. Popular on period properties, an L-shaped dormer loft conversion creates a large space that can potentially create multiple rooms such as two bedrooms plus a bathroom, a large bedroom and bathroom or a variety of other configurations to suit our client’s requirements. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help you realise your homes full potential!

Mansard Conversions

A mansard roof conversion is a popular way of maximizing the available space within your loft and can often provide the biggest results in terms of creating additional living space in a home. However, these types of conversions will usually also involve the most invasive construction work of any of our loft conversion projects. A mansard loft conversion is usually built to the rear of your property and alters the structure of the sloped roof creating room for windows to be built into the new roof structure or even adding space for a Juliet balcony. With the intricate planning and expert craftsmanship of our team, these conversions are usually suitable for supporting multiple room configurations such as two bedrooms and a bathroom and can be finished in a variety of ways to match your property.

Skylights & Window Loft Conversions

A skylight or window loft conversion is one of the simplest and most cost effective loft conversion solutions for gaining additional space in your home or office. Typically, the roof of the property is not altered in any way and only windows are added so our team advise that this works best when there is ample headroom, allowing customers to make full use of all the space available. In comparison to other forms of loft conversions, such as dormer, mansard and hip to gables, skylight or window loft conversions require considerably less construction work and are therefore far less disruptive than other options. Our skylight or window loft conversions provide plenty of natural light and ventilation into a loft space while still retaining privacy, so they work well for offices, bedrooms and bathrooms.

En-Suite & Loft Bathrooms

Adding an extra bathroom, whether it’s an en-suite or one for the whole family to use, is one of the most popular choices for a loft conversion. With our wealth of industry experience and exceptional craftsmanship, our expert team has been called upon many times to help families and businesses reclaim wasted space and realize their property’s full potential. Although bathroom conversions in lofts or attics can often present many challenges, our team are no strangers to working with unconventional spaces and can offer solutions tailored to suit any property. Contact our expert planners today to find out how we can get creative to maximise your space.

Ground Floor Extensions

Not just experts in loft conversions, we know that if a property needs more space on the ground floor then a single storey extension is also an efficient way of expanding your living area. Contact our team today to discover more about our bespoke solutions for transforming small, cramped properties into brighter and more versatile living spaces with the minimum amount of intrusion or disruption to the rest of your home! Our planning and construction professionals offer a swift and efficient service to add extensions to a range of building types for almost any purpose. Whether adding an entirely new room or simply increasing space in an existing area, we have gained a reputation as the professionals to trust when it comes to conversions and extensions for all applications.

Garage Conversions

We believe that a garage needn’t just be a wasted space to store tools and old junk! Our professional garage conversions are an excellent option for property owners in search of some much needed extra space. Reclaiming your garage area to use as you wish is an easy way to expand your home with a new office, bedroom, living room or playroom, and offer you a more affordable alternative to an extension or stressful house move. Let our industry-leading team transform your cold garage area into a pleasant living environment. As part of our specialist, bespoke approach, we work closely with our customers to design and create the perfect additional living space for whatever is required.

Balconies & Roof Terraces

Adding a roof terrace or embellishing a loft conversion with a balcony is a great way to bring the outside inside, providing a relaxing area to enjoy a coffee in the morning, glass of wine in the evening or simply admire the garden and take a moment to enjoy your surroundings. There are a number of balcony and terrace options available from our highly accredited design and installation team, all fitted as part of our loft conversions and with the same intricate level of care and detail. Whether luxurious floor-to-ceiling French windows to flood the room with natural light, or a compact Juliet balcony to provide an attractive vantage point, our team know how to get the most from any space using their expert knowledge and the industry’s highest quality materials.

Loft Storage Solutions

As well as creating unique, comfortable and practical living spaces, our team of loft conversion specialists are experts when it come to bespoke storage solutions. Contact us today to find out more about the many options we have for transforming your loft into a safe, practical storage space or hobby room, fitted out for any application. We have managed loft conversion projects covering everything from ‘walk-up’ wardrobes and custom shelving to cinema rooms, sewing rooms and even prayer rooms. We work hard to ensure we meet the needs of our customers in creating their perfect space, whatever the specification.

Loft Ladders

For customers who only require infrequent access to their loft we have the perfect solution. Our lightweight aluminium fold-down ladders are just one option when seeking answers to loft access issues. All our operatives and fitting teams are fully trained and accredited so we can take care of your loft ladder installation with minimal fuss, using the safest, most efficient practices coupled with the best tools to produce flawless results. We offer a bespoke installation service that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, and all of our work is carried out in the most efficient and professional manner possible, as our team of installers aim to complete the job to the highest standard whilst causing minimal disruption to your daily routine.

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Andrea Millsworth

Really impressed with the work carried out by M.Z. Lofts. They arrived on time and worked their socks off until the job was complete.

September 18th 2019

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Would not hesitate to recommend these guys. Work was done to a fantastic standard and the quote they originally gave me was stuck to. A*

September 28th 2019

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My colleuge in work strongly recommended M.Z. Lofts, and they lived up to expectations. Could't fault them one bit! Thanks Guys!

December 11th 2019

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